... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

University Parks: Smiley Cygnet

Closer to taking my lens hood in large...
Extra = Dinosaur

Yay, I found the swan family again! I first found the larger cygnet (which I haven't seen in ages), and it was pottering about by itself, but mostly being rather snoozy... I photographed it for a bit, but it is aloof and wouldn't come over. When I was just about to head back to department, it perked up, stretched, and started peeping (!), and out of the little side stream appeared the rest of its family! The littler cygnet was as friendly as ever (if a bit bitey), and it was lovely to see them all together. The mother also came over close to me to take a look...
Someone/thing seems to have taken a bite out of the smaller cygnet's neck: it is missing a patch of feathers but doesn't seem troubled by its bald patch.

My others pictures are on Flickr (right from here).
Preening and rippling
Preening with parent
Posing parent
Planning its attack on my lens hood...
Looking onwards...

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