Hello Duckie

Last night at work was my first Monday back, and it was crazy. It had been fairly quiet until my boss got a call to say that the youngest of his 5 sons had had a bump on the head and was showing signs of concussion. The boys' Mum needed to take him to A&E to be checked over, and needed Lee to go home and look after the other 4 boys, as none of their family were available or willing to go.

At this point, while we were desperately trying to find cover for Lee, the shop got very busy! We ended up borrowing a member of staff from the other shop. It carried on being busy and there was also loads of cleaning to do. Both the lad who was helping out and I were full of cold, and it was seriously hard work. We did well to get everything done and only be an hour late finishing.

My eldest son Zeph was home for a visit too. He's been here most of the day too, so I did get to see him! He really fancied a fry-up, so I made one for lunch - bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans! It was yummy! Good job we don't eat it very often though...

It's looking pretty dark outside, so I decided to go with an indoor blip - the RAF rubber duck I won on a tombola a couple of years ago. I decided to mess around with the colours for a change too!

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