Casting My Ballot

Today I cast my Mail-in ballot for the 2016 election.  I receive my ballot by mail.*

There are five different methods for voting in Arizona:
1.  'No-excuse' absentee ballot
2.  Early In-Person voting (limited polling places)
3.  In Person voting on election day
4.  Provisional ballot (No ID, wrong polling place or  some other screw up.  Many are disputed and don't count.)
5.  Mail-in ballot (Permanent Early Voting List...PEVL)*. 

Those on PEVL automatically receive a mail ballot for every election. About 65% of registered voters in AZ are on the PEVL.

Three states,Oregon, Washington and Colorado use Vote by Mail exclusively.

It is my understanding that at least half of the states are in the process of voting already. Election day is Tuesday, November 8. A 'call' will likely be made before 11:00 pm ET that night.

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