But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


Saturday, two weeks ago as I am catching up, and I had  absolutely no idea what I was doing that day until I was inspired to check SparseRunner’s journal for that day.

The community trust runs a café on Saturdays, imaginatively know as “Open House,” which incorporates a modest exhibition. Since the gentleman who’s task it was to present something for the day was seriously ill (so seriously that we weren’t sure that we’d ever see him again) I stepped into the breach as I had some previously unseen stuff to display. Said gentleman has, happily, made a Lazarus like recovery and is back strutting his stuff around the town. He’s one of the many Trust members who do far more for the community than is good for them, and the second in the last twelve months to put themselves into life threatening medical crises.
SparseRunner popped in to say “Hello,” had a quick look round, declined a free cup of coffee and finally popped out again to prepare the family lunch.
Having gathered together the exhibition items in a hurry. I hadn’t thought to take a camera and so it was late afternoon that I ventured out along the railway path and blipped a few of the late brambles. They've been very variable this year, but I usually managed to find enough edible ones to get the pips stuck between my teeth.

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