What did I see today...?

By DaveR


Arrival +1 day and it's been a nice quiet one, with my lovely lie in to 9:00 (excluding the built in internal alarm that now wakes me up at 6:00 to pack), travel planning, pilgrim mass and wandering into souvenir shops and tapas bars the mainstays of the day.

While I plan on having a proper wander around the cathedral and pilgrim museum tomorrow, today was about not doing much and that was achieved in fine style. It's been lovely sitting around just people and pilgrim watching - today I not only bumped into Bill and Michelle again, but also Canadian Jen and her husband (he flew in at León), Lorraine, Lianne, Rory and Joel and have also (through Blip) made plans to catch up with Fran and Sue tomorrow.

Sadly the goodbyes have also started, with Tony off tonight, and Camilla, Jenny, Christina and Greg off tomorrow morning - but details have been shared, Facebook friends added and in my case a whole ton of Blip cards have been passed out. We did have a great big last supper with everyone though, so it's a great memory to finish on.

Now we just need to work out which walk we should all reunite on one day...

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