Autumn up close

Still feeling virusy, so I worked from home today.  Got tons of emails cleared, so it was well worth it.  At lunchtime, I started cleaning our windows, to save myself a job at the weekend.  I had to dust them first (after all the messy work we've done in our flat recently) - at one point I opened a window to shake out the duster, so I also took the opportunity to bring in a couple of little Japanese Maple leaves that had fallen into our window box.

Got back on with work and carried on until 6pm, then carried on cleaning the windows again.  Really made my arms ache thanks to this virus though.  Tim came home, we had dinner and then I set up my diffuser on top of my macro light ring and took some photos of the leaves.  Fun to play around with, although I think my light box would've worked a bit better (if I hadn't left the batteries in it so long that they leaked and ruined it!  Boo.)  Anyway, this one I particularly like - I'm so used to looking at these leaves through the window, it's fascinating to look at one so incredibly close up.

Took in a Tesco order this evening, then snuggled up to watch the Apprentice.  Our life is so rock 'n' roll!  :)

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