A Day with Clare

Had a great time with my Blip buddy Clare today. She arrived at our house at 11 and we spent some time talking and looking around the house at my studio and newest paintings. 

Then we drove to the place she is staying and she showed me the cards she makes. They are really nice. I hope she finds some good outlets to sell them for her. 

Next we went down to the Old World Deli for a yummy lunch. This is a doctored photo of the deli. The person in white with a blue jacket is Clare at the water pitcher getting water for us both. She treated me to lunch. Thank you Clare. It was delicious. The paintings on the wall are mine. It felt good hanging out in this cool place and to see my paintings on the walls there. 

From there we went to Office Depot so I could send some UPS stuff out. But... I found out they no longer are a UPS outlet. Herumph! Next we went to Michaels so Clare could get some card making supplies and then on to Silverado. Laura took us on a great tour of the place. 

While we were there we got word that a bank nearby had been robbed! It was totally safe there so we stayed inside. When it was time to leave the fellow who is responsible for the physical plant there escorted us to the car. Nobody expects to see a helicopter looking for a criminal overhead. And actually, we didn't see one. But it was up there somewhere seeking out the robbers. 

At last Clare took me home and we said our farewells. We had a wonderful day together.

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