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By Damnonii

Resting Bitch face...

Oh you poor things....on the one hand you've been saved from yet another shot of my building work but on the other hand you get a shot of my resting bitch face instead.   Not really a win-win situation!  :-00

This was taken by David as I was reading my emails this morning.  As ever with a shot of me, I have faffed the hell out of it but I shouldn't complain as at least I have a blip!  (BTW my blips for the foreseeable future will be taken in my phone as I can't find my camera.  I know when Ele was here last weekend helping clear out the last of the kitchen, I asked her to put it in a safe place away from the dust.  I just need to remember where that safe place is.  She can't remember either!)

So, today.  Well the final really messy part of the kitchen demolition has been done.  We now have a new opening for the kitchen door.  True to his word, Johnny erected a frame around the wall area where they were cutting the opening and sealed it all with tape, the result being there's hardly any dust.  It's hilarious as we have literally covered every surface in the living room with miles of polythene and there's only the slightest covering of stoor.   Not much more than is usually on the coffee table by the end of the week!  :-))

We had our 5th monthly progress meeting with the builder, architect and QS this afternoon and that went well.  The work is running approx three weeks behind (the kitchen part just a week behind) which I think is amazing considering the length and complexity of the project.  I would definitely recommend these builders and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Hahaha.....David just asked me what's for dinner and I realised I'd accidentally on purpose forgotten to take anything out the freezer.  Hey ho, we will just have to head over to the golf club and eat there.  What a hardship.

Have a great weekend blip pals xx

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