Day 29 : Pink October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month : Feeding the Ducks

I am very pleased that I finally got the lawns mown.  Yesterday afternoon we had torrential rain, which meant I had to put off mowing the lawns for another day.  Luckily it has been warm and sunny today.  The Wearable Arts is going well, with another successful night last night, then a Matinee this afternoon.  Little 'h' was in the audience, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her Granny on the stage (even though it was for only 20 seconds!!!)  One more show, then it will all be over.  I have enjoyed the experience, especially the photography side.  I plan to make a book with all the photos I took of putting our item together.

I took this photo by the jetty this morning as I was going for a walk. Perfect colouring for Pink October.

Many thanks to those of you who remember to click here to enable someone to receive a free mammogram.

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