Day 30 : Pink October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month : Looks Idyllic 

I have had a nice relaxing day, it's been great after all the activities of the past few days.  The last night of the Wanaka Wearable Arts went well, sad to say goodbye to those people I have worked with over the last few months.  

I went to church this morning, then after lunch headed down to the lake to get a photo, and fortuiously met 'Pianolady' and 'The Tuner'.  They graciously posed for me, and as quick as we had set up the chairs it was all over.  We didn't get to enjoy the view!

Had a nice skype chat to my daughter in Wellington, and have now lit the fire, and will have a nice relaxing evening.

Many thanks to those of you who continue to click here, to enable someone to receive a free mammogram.  It is very much appreciated.

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