But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Roslin Night Life.

There was a beekeeping talk down in Peebles about queen rearing this evening. Unfortunately, the speaker had the uncanny knack of turning an interesting topic into a very tedious lecture. I think I’ll postpone the expenditure of a few thousand pounds to purchase the kit for artificially inseminating bees until I know a little more about the subject
While I was waiting for my lift, I had a quick play with my new compact camera, the old one having given up the ghost a few weeks ago. It had had a hard life, spending much of it in my pocket while out cycling and getting saturated with sweat as well as suffering many other indignities. Being the camera that I always had with me meant that I took a lot, maybe most, of my pictures with it. The replacement, being Olympus, shares a lot of features with my system camera  and can use many of the same accessories. The blip, which was hand held, shows the vibrant night life of our village and, in spite of standing on a prime corner of the street, I wasn’t propositioned once. Maybe tomorrow.

Post script: I'm having difficulty uploading at the moment. Blipfoto site is failing security checks and can only use basic uploader, even then, it's not reliable. It's been a problem for about a week and is slowly becoming more iffy.

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