A Leaf...

richly coloured, dropping 
caught by a thread, spin until
slowly drifting down

(I have already lost this once, so I'll be brief)

Love the colours on my Acer at the moment, and I've superimposed 3 pictures together using picasa (see extra for one of the originals)!  I'd like to learn how to make double exposures in camera, but I'm not that advanced yet :)

Apologies for lack of commenting over the past 24 hours....I have had major blip issues due to trying to amend my email!  

Thanks go to the very lovely Annie (one of the Fab Four :)) from the Zen Desk, spending lots of time helping me resolve this over this weekend in her own time, I am now back again!   

Incidentally I think our Fab Four deserve medals for what they do in their own time for our community!  Anyone got any ideas what we can put them forward for?

In other news, my poor Mr Billy was badly frightened by fireworks and disappeared for several hours last night and I am really angry that they start so early (in fact I think they should only be allowed on one night and that is November 5th, bonfire night and they should only be at public displays unless they are silent...surely someone has made some silent ones by now???)

Thankfully he is OK, but came back with very big eyes and his heart was racing when he turned up again, though he was purring when I picked him up....  

He is very cross with me for getting him in at dusk tonight, but I have no choice now there will probably be several nights of fireworks :(

I am feeling pleased with myself for having made a net curtain (and my neighbour kindly helped me hang it today) :)

Back to the grindstone on the job hunt tomorrow, but I'm thinking of a trip to London on Wednesday unless I get a phonecall and work?

Happy Sunday folks :)

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