Pictorial blethers

By blethers

First snow above the road

Actually you've got to look hard, but there is a dusting of snow on the north-facing slope of the distant summit down the road from Oban, where I was trying to balance the camera sufficiently to take some last sun photos in a moving car as we sped home from a meeting.

"A meeting of lay leaders" sounds such a mundane thing - but in the diocese of Argyll and The Isles it means hundreds of miles clocked up to let the laity from churches as far apart as (at today's meeting) Campbeltown and Portree on the Isle of Skye. Compared with Skye, Dunoon is but a two-hour dawdle - but after a 7.45am  start and several hours of discussion that drive - that goes on and on even after the turn off to Inveraray - seems quite far enough.

On the plus side, the morning was glorious and before the sun set behind us I was so tempted to get the driver to stop and let me out for a photo ...

But I didn't.

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