peaceful . . .

We had a very peaceful boat ride on the river with our dear friend Garth on his last night here. He came from NY to visit us and stayed a whole week! Steve always lets him drive the boat while he is here and we took Chelsea out instead of the skiff. It was lovely!!! See the extra photo. Garth is our oldest friend, meaning both Steve & I have known him since we were teenagers. A favorite blip of mine that I took of them was last year on the dock at Lucas Boatworks

This is the 5th blip in my attempt to catch-up; use the arrows above to work backwards and see them all  if you wish. Now I will quit and get some sleep . . . My son Dallas and his wife had their baby this afternoon after a long labor!! Mother and baby and my son are all doing well. They had a little girl, whom will be named soon, I am told : o) Steve & I are SO happy for them. I'll be traveling to see them in colder climates early in December when the baby is a little bigger! Good thing I kept my winter parka and a few sweaters! :0)

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