Vienna in the Autumn

I know this should be colour as it is autumn but I like the mono. I had a lovely day in Vienna despite the freezing weather in the morning. I walked down to one of the shopping areas after checking out of my hotel but none of the shops opened until 10am. There was nothing for it but a typical Viennese breakfast (see extra) - good thing I did lots of walking today.
I had an appointment at the Australian Embassy at 11am for a Verification of Identity which is some new thing for transfer of property. That completed, I went to the nearby Naschmarkt, the fresh food market. What a pleasure that was - I was on my own so I could take my time and visit every stall holding delicious morsels that I can't buy locally. The stall holders were very friendly and picked me immediately as english speaking and wanted to practise their English. I was excited when I found lots of red chillies - my own crop wasn't big enough to make my Chinese chilli sauce. After filling my bags with antipasta, exotic cheeses, greek dips, olives, sun dried tomatoes, poppadoms, red chillies, Turkish bread and some free pita etc, etc my feet were cold. I started walking through the old city to warm up  - although it is really the inner city, now, as the streets and shops have been modernised. This is Kärntner Strasse after the sun came out. Lots of people which will increase on the weekend when the Advent markets start. I finally found some thermal jeans in one of the shops - my old ones have been relegated as painting clothes. A coffee without cake was consumed before getting on the train for the journey home. 
In the evening friends came over to help devour the goodies. 

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