A pair of coincidences.

Coincidence #1
We are, both, fully aware of the "Winter Droving" but, being retired tend to lose track of what day is which &/or what the date is.
So we went down town, as is our won't on a Saturday, to find folk Droving away like Billyoh. Unfortunately neither of us was brought up to be fully at ease wandering the streets feeding from a bag like a Horse with a Nose-bag and close to 100% of the stalls were food.
Coincidence #2
One of our watering holes/feeding troughs was in its last day, the owners retiring. I have previously Blipped his collection of VW Camper-vans and, I think, his buses, not to mention his Plecostomus. I cannot remember if I touched on his other collection - ornamental Tea-pots.
I decided to rattle off a shot or two, just in case.
This lady was in my firing line and didn't seem all that bothered about being shot at. She, also reminded me a TINY bit of Mam in that hat, since I recall a photo of Mam in a Hound's tooth check cape and similar hat.
Hence the extra.

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