Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

751. MM147...left out in the....COLD....

I'm fizzing this morning...I finally got some time to mess about with my new and my old cameras.....only to find out that Panasonic have changed the RAW file format on the new my Mac and my iPad no longer see these files and won't display about being left out in the COLD!
Plus I've also pre-ordered Luminar from Macphun as I love their Aurora software and they are having to test one of my RAW files just now to see if their new software will read it...why on earth do companies mess about with RAW files like this...this potentially means that I will only be able to process jpegs on the go as my iPad will no longer handle the RAW files from this new camera...which I bought specifically for's so annoying!  I know that the iPad renders my GX8 RAW files as jpegs but they are of better quality that the jpeg shot straight out of the camera...grrrrrrrrrrrr!

My image today was me finally finishing the probably rubbish test shots using my Rollei....I'm hopeless with all this manual stuff...I'll take the film in and get it processed tomorrow...there might be one shot that's ok from the roll of 12!

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