Mono ........

 ........ Monday147  (MM147) ...... COLD.

Many thanks to TheAphid for hosting again.

Possibly a very tenuous link (again) but the colour of my new car is POLAR white ....... you don't get much colder than polar!!!

I looked for my previous car on the garage's website - they were only asking £1600 more than they gave me for it so I was pretty pleased with the deal I got - they sold it in less than a week!!!!!

Spot the difference (aside from the number plate).

FlowerFriday11 BikerBear Hearts and Honourable Mentions will be sprinkled on Tuesday's TinyTuesday blip ..... sorry for the delay.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Mum's resting place - it truly is a lovely area - even more so in Spring and Summer.

~ Anni ~

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