Family Day

We started from home at 9.30 and arrived at Helle's 45 mins later. Helle and I had planned a play-date for the dogs. This is Gollum and Freya. Freya is a Golden Retriever puppy, who is staying with Helle for the week. She is 8 mth old and adorable. 

After the play-date, the boys and I continued towards Copenhagen, where we had lunch with my dad and his Aunt Gudrun. Gollum had more lunch than me! Gudrun is very generous with her treats :-)

Next stop: Hillerød, where my dad, Gudrun and I spend the rest of the day with my sister and nephews. 

My oldest nephew Andreas just got a pair of virtual reality glasses, which we had a lot of fun with and my youngest nephew Marcus and I made Christmas ornaments. It was a fabulous day with my family.

And we did fit lots of little dog walks in too. 

There are lots of family pictures in the extra today.

Night night Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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