Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Another one...

It was quite cold and windy today - way too cold to spend more than a few minutes at at time outside.  Luckily for me, there are always tufted titmice around to brighten the day and provide an easy blip.  This one posed nicely with some bits of remaining fall colors in the background. Slight crop and some selective saturation to bring up the background colors.  

Hubs and his partners had a meeting with one of their clients today, but before he left this morning, he got the fireplace going.  I've been feeding it logs throughout the day, and the house is toasty warm, even as the wind howls outside.  

Ran some errands today, including getting another 40 pounds of sunflower seeds for the critters.  The Bistro is doing a huge business right now with a constant stream of birds coming and going.  Watched the little red-breasted nuthatch carefully removing one seed at a time from the feeder, dropping down to the ground, and stashing the seed in the mulch.  Then, along would come one of the sparrows, kicking the mulch aside in the way that they do, and gobbling up the seeds.  Very amusing.  

The squirrel twins were around briefly this morning, before retreating to their nests.  From the looks of them, no danger of starvation there!  Chipmunks are all holed up in their burrows.  And, thankfully, no bear sightings.  

No luck getting in to see the chiro before we leave Wednesday, but have an appointment for next Monday.  In the meantime, the Naproxin is helping, along with some yoga and stretching.  We will have a fairly long car ride on Wednesday so hopefully things will be better by then.  Can't wait to see my nephew, his wife and our grand-nephew.  We are all feeling the loss of my brother-in-law so much right now, but being together for the holiday will, hopefully, give us all some comfort.  

Thank you so much for all the love on my cardinal yesterday.  There were three around today, all dashing.  See Extra for a dose of redness.

Be well, people.

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