The Red Elm Against a Breaking Sky

I am a lover of trees, and this is one of my favorites: the red elm at Penn State's Arboretum. The sky on this morning was full of dramatic clouds with breaking light, and I knew just where I wanted to go to see it best. So off to the Arboretum I scampered.

In retrospect, I should have put on more clothes before I scampered. But I guess I didn't realize how cold it was when I left home. I had a jacket on, and a long-sleeve shirt and long pants. But it wasn't nearly enough. The wind blew right through me, and I wished for more layers; even for gloves. Winter is coming. . . .

There are many things I have learned from trees, especially in my times of need. I take comfort in visiting the big trees that have stood on this Earth for a long time. They make no pretenses. They do not wage war, or tell lies, or beat up on other trees. They keep their own peace.

They provide shelter for creatures, shade for us all, oxygen for the air, beauty in all seasons. They remind us to take the long view of things.They stand in the light, and in the darkness too; they have no other choice than to be who they are.

There is much to be learned from trees.

The soundtrack: Jordan Smith, Stand in the Light.

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