Light Through Trees, Millbrook Marsh

The mornings are colder now, and I watch and wait for winter's beauties. The frost mist of the ultra-cold mornings is one of my deepest pleasures. In morning, I stand at the edge of light and darkness, knowing it is too early yet for all of that, but hopeful just the same.

Such an impulse took me to Millbrook on this, one of our first cold mornings. I was better prepared than the day before: I was wearing several layers this time, including a heavy coat and even a tiny pair of gloves.

The boardwalk was silver and sparkly with frost, and the frozen crystals between the boards on the boardwalk were like the teeth of a zipper, pointy and sharp. The boards creaked loudly as I walked on them, and I did so carefully, following the light along the creek.

This spot is one of my favorite places to stop for pictures. The mist sometimes rises from the waters just below that tree, and I did see a little bit of it, just a foretaste of the glories to come. The light was bright and beautiful, and it shone like a beacon through the trees.

The soundtrack: Matt and Kim, with Daylight.

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