Scratched sunrise

Family folklore records that my first ever poetic utterance was 'Oh, Mummy, look how the aeroplane is scratching the sky!' My blip today illustrates this phenomenon.

Thank you to everyone for their kind words about the gold ring that I lost yesterday. I thought that I had very little hope of recovering it, mainly because I had no idea where I had lost it on a day that I had spent on three campuses of two universities. So imagine my surprise, joy and tears at lunchtime today when I received a message from the security team at work that my ring had been handed in! I cannot say how happy and relieved I am to have it back :-)

As to the rest of the day: teaching with external guest speakers; project review; document redrafting; and a bit of email.

Exercise today: weights, sit-ups and stretches, walk to work (10,785 steps)

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