The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Lansdown Hall as you've never seen it

I cut through Bank Gardens on my way to the doctor's on Locking Hill, just off Landsdown, one of Stroud's main streets. From the back, Lansdown Hall appeared to have eyes!

A former Christian Scientist reading room (amongst other things) this community centre/arts venue has been in the process of renovation since being acquired for the community by Stroud Town Council in 2010. Eventually, when the access is sorted out, this will be the main entrance, instead of the current side door with its curved staircase to the first floor. Because the building is on a hillside, visitors will be able to access the first floor from this door, and the gallery on the ground floor from street level.

At the doctor's, I discovered that I still have high blood pressure, despite having given up alcohol and being a mere 52 years old. This is annoying. But I don't have to take medication yet.

I am still feeling as if I might come down with Something Nasty, so while not actually working, I tried to rest. We are now waiting for 8.30 to come round, so we can go to the local cinema to watch Daniel Blake. This feels like waiting up for Midnight Mass!

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