The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Collared Doves

I took these this morning during that brief moment when it seemed we might have dry sunny weather. (That didn't last at all.) There were seven Collared Doves making good use of the seed I had just put out on the deck. We started last summer with a pair of them. I think they mate for life because this summer the same two came back. Recently they've come with their kids (I think) and perhaps friends and relatives as well. So now we have a small flock of them. They hang out together on the wires and come down to eat together as well.

Today was the last of the four day weekend. Briefly I yearned for a slow quiet day but then realized it would be better to organize some fun. So I called Steve and Helena and checked the schedule for movies in town. We all went to see "Doctor Strange" and liked it very much. I always like Benedict Cumberbatch and this was no exception. He was excellent in the part of Dr. Strange. And even with all the wild fight scenes I loved the movie. The special effects were a great deal of fun to watch.

Afterwards we went to the Luna Bistro for a very late lunch/very early dinner. I like that place. They have good food. They also had a bunch of TVs showing the end of the Seahawks' game, not a very happy outcome since they lost 5 to 14. Not being much of a sports fan I wasn't devastated, But I was sure my brother and sister-in-law would not be happy about the outcome.

We went home and Steve and I played Carcassonne while Helena and Arvin watched a dvd movie. We all had ice cream and then Steve took Helena home. We had a good day together.

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