Edinburgh - Leith - Newhaven Railway

We left granny and grandad in peace this morning.  Grandad was up early though, as they were heading home today, and he needed to be ready in good time!  For the second Monday in a row we almost missed our train, but luckily it was a couple of minutes late. We both got on it this week!

Work was non-stop, and as I was on BB pick-up tonight, it was time to go before I knew it.  Hopefully tomorrow will be slightly less busy.  My train home was running late and when it disappeared from the board I feared the worst, but it did run, and I got back just in time to collect BB.

Thankfully he only has spelling and cello homework, and I think recorder practice this week.  You can tell that Christmas activities are taking over at school, as while he sat doing his spelling activities he was also singing songs from their forthcoming Christmas show.

Here is a piece of history to be found at Waverley Station. 

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