Twelve Commitments

We needed a new photo for posters as there have been a couple of replacements over the last few months. I'd wanted to do an outside shoot and was going to get them all standing sitting around the dustbins and old beer kegs at the back of the pub. There's a halogen light out there and I'd have got some headlights pointing to them. With it being the coldest night of the year it didn't seem to make sense to try and do that with me faffing around and everybody freezing to death.  We did some on the hotel stairs and some on the small stage in the room where we rehearse. I got Peter to come in and press the button so I could get in position without the rush that a timer causes. I think it's worked out OK. I quite like the one on the stairs which I've put in as an extra, but whether it's a useful shape I'm not so sure. We'll see.

Tagged mono monday. Thanks to The Aphid for hosting.It's Shady this week and they are a shady looking lot!

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