A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

All in a day

Fierce frost this morning after a very, very cold night.

I nipped out as my porridge cooked to take some photos of it in the garden, no sign of the peacock this time. I liked these little frosted florets on the Pieris, I thought they would make a good blip for tiny Tuesday.

Apart from the frost and the wonderful bright sunshine it has been and will continue to be a most eclectic day.

This morning 3 blippers including myself, accompanied Wendles56 to the opening of the new Samaritan's shop in Westgate in Shipley. They wanted some photos for their website. Yorkshirebred drove, thank you J, and we also had Corinthian Column with us.
I was photographed making the first purchase!
Wendles then kindly treated us to coffee in the Interlude (vintage) cafe just a couple of doors down. Thank you very much Wendy.

Sadly three of us met up again this afternoon at the funeral of a much loved elderly villager. A very moving service and celebration of a good life.

Tonight I will be going to singing group in the same church as the funeral followed by a pantomime rehearsal in the room below. Both things this lady would have embraced and one of the reasons I first met her. She would have approved of life going on.

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