Low Sun Light

One thing I love about living here in the Pacific Northwest is the quality of light here. Because we are so far north the sun is frequently low in the sky and the color seems to get richer as the length of the sun's rays increase. The sun was close to setting and it was just about 4:00 in the afternoon. I was taking a short break on the deck before Arvin got home.

I started the day by taking our Prius in for its 91000 mile checkup. We go to Harmony Motors and have for a long time. Mark is the owner and Zack is one of the fellows that has worked there for a very long time. Both of them say that Prius owners love their cars (I do) and that they rarely break. (fingers crossed) Today Zack said they have some folks with 200000 miles on their cars with no problems and the original batteries. I'm happy because I plan to drive this car until I can no longer drive.

Next I went to Costco and got gas, returned something, and spent more than the cost of that and the $50 check I had for this year's refund. Ah well. The gas line was way shorter than in the past. Partly this is due to the change in the Canadian dollar. And partly it is due to the layout of the new store and parking lot.

The best part of my day was a very long conversation with my son Jason on the phone. When we talk or chat online we can go on forever. And we did this afternoon. We don't talk often due to his busy schedule and mine, but when we do it is delightful.

Steve came for dinner and we played two games of Carcassonne so that was a happy part of the day too. I really enjoyed my day today.

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