Species Spat

I really like it when I'm able to capture a decent shot of two different species of bird in the same frame.  These guys, a White-crowned Sparrow and a House finch, were quite close to each other on the wall.  Thing is, they never looked at each other!  Now, I don't think birds are innately stupid.  I've observed one of two things almost always happens: either one chases the other away or they sit and drink from the water dish at the same time. I watched these two for quite some time and was surprised at their behavior.  Of course, very few things in nature are completely predictable.

I've spent three days on the phone with the Geek Squad trying to get my computer functioning properly. One thing was fixed the first day which led to a different problem the next.  The biggest challenge was  locating my downloaded photos from some secret, hidden corner of the OS.  I just hope I can replicate the stupid solution without help.

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