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The Lanai: getting there!

It's been a long time since I have updated the progress of our back lanai (That's Florida-speak for porch). It's been a long process!  Construction is busy in Florida and so it has been harder for my contractor to pull in the subs for our small job in a timely fashion. But we are near the end of the project! All that's left is for the electrician to install the fans & lights and the screening to be put in the frames. New outside doors too, but they are on order and may not be here till January. We are hiring someone to paint the exterior of our home, when he can get here. News on that this week! 

This photo shows the newly installed ceiling . . . I believe it's cypress? The boards had to be stained separately and polyurethane was applied first. While they were drying on a rack, on the lanai, Steve said it looked like an abstract art exhibit! The wood is really pretty and looks great with the floor. The muddy stuff on the wall is the spackling stucco that was done all around the house where there were cracks, in the front of the house where we removed the partial fake brick and on the new foundation for the lanai that is cement block. The stucco that you see in this photo was done where the roof of the lanai was raised up a foot higher!!! Here's what this same view looked like in October with an open, unfinished ceiling. We have definitely made progress, although the tear down of the old lanai began on July 21st!!!

phew. When It is more finished I will have more updates. 
Thank you for all your visits & comments! 

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