I woke at 7 am and decided to take the dogs out for a morning walk, whilst the rest of the family got to sleep a little longer.

I was back at 8 am and was met by my sister, who had baked fresh bread for our breakfast. YUMMY!

We had a lovely morning and too soon it was time for the boys and I to say goodbye and start our journey home.

When we arrived to Sorø, I unpacked the car, started the washing machine and then I took the boys out for a training session.

When we came home, I did some cleaning and other house work, whilst the boys took a nap :-)

I have written more Christmas cards and now it is tea time.

What a wonderful Sunday it has been. 

This is Marcus playing 'Memory' this morning. The little cards have pictures of himself on them. 

Happy Sunday
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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