Started by taking Mollie to work for 8.30. But I was awake. So plenty of time to get on with the housework jobs, which I'm so bad at.

Washed up, Jon and H went off to archery, and I ironed to The Archers omnibus.

Wrote a few more Christmas cards, but don't have enough stamps. So if you don't get a card from me before Christmas im sorry, but pay day isn't until 19th. I hate Christmas cards.

Spent time next door trying to get computers to work, then once id resorted to Jon's laptop, spent more time loading software on to it, to get a slide copier my dad bought years ago to work. We got there in the end, and Jon has spent a chunk of the day copying slides of my dad's entitled Italian Journey 1958 onto the laptop, and then onto a disc or 4! It covers dad's site seeing tour on his motorbike and sidecar with his friend John Shellcross, around Europe. There are lovely photos taken in Monte Carlo, Pisa, Florence, San Gimignano and lots of other general scenes on their tour. Years later, in the 1970's dad took us back to most of those places. I would love to be able to take my family to those places.

Back to work tomorrow. My cockerels survive to live another week.

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