Elm Hill houses, from the back, Norwich

I had a walk to Anglia Square at lunchtime, and on the way back, cut through by the river. This view doesn't beat Elm Hill from the front, but I still like it. I went through the archway which was once Roache's Court. Little of the original signs of a slum courtyard remain, but there is still a sign above the entrance. I'd love to live in a higgledy piggledy house like this.

Busy at work, and was home at 6. I received a lovely Christmas card from Canada today. Mine to Canada is still in my bag! Writing took over November and now I'm very behind. Mollie and i spent the evening making a pass the parcel for Christmas day. I wrapped and Mollie wrote forfeits.

Now we are watching a film called 'Mr Turner' but it's going to finish too late for me. It's being recorded too. Good job as I need an early night really!

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