Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Family Portrait

Over the years, I've taken many photos of my husband's family. The most recent was one of Virginia and her three children, so in some ways it seemed right that I take this photo of her with her two children - I think, if I look closely, I can see Philip looking down on them all, smiling.

We spent some time with my nephew's family this morning - lots of laughs as we watched young Nathan exhibiting his seemingly inexhaustible energy. It is a delight to see the way he brings smiles to everyone's faces, especially his great-grandmother - or as she is known, Grandma the Great.

Tomorrow we will leave before sunup, hoping to make the 900 mile drive in one (long) day. No doubt, tomorrow's Blip will be something taken on the fly.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts and comments during this very sad time - the generosity of this community never ceases to touch me deeply.


In the Extra, a shot of my nephew, MIL, and Hubs - 3 generations....

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