Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Season'g Greetings...

Is it possible to have Tufted Titmouse overload?  It's a perplexing question and I think I will just have to test the limits and see what happens.  When this little titmouse landed on a frosty cedar branch right in front of me, it was just too good to pass up - especially with those red berries that I'd "artfully" arranged on the branch.  What a little poser!

Getting ready to make a quick (hopefully) trip to the post office to mail two boxes to my parents; then a walk with Hubs.  Then back home to work on some photos ...or maybe paff around outside with the camera...hard to tell...

SIL and I did a masterful job on the Christmas tree yesterday - it's a thing of beauty.  And, with one strand of lights (non-blinking) left over, SIL had the great idea to wrap them around our banister and railing leading upstairs - which looks terrific!  

Don't forget that tomorrow (or maybe today for some of you) is TinyTuesday132 and the theme is "Seasonal".  Looking forward to lots of wonderful and creative entries!


And thank you to Second Season for the wonderful idea of #FestiveFeatures!

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