Chestnut Backed Chickadee

Most of the day today I was grumpy. Tired and grumpy. But I mustered my energy to get my morning chores done. Arvin was bored so I played the "Man of La Mancha" movie for him and he was happy with that. I took the opportunity to go out on the deck and do some bird photography. You can see more of the photos I took on Chaikins of Bellingham.

Later things improved when Arvin and I picked up Helena and went to the Whatcom Symphony Christmas concert. I was pleasantly surprised when they didn't play much of the usual stuff but presented some more modern work. Two choirs performed that I had sung with in the past. The Bellingham Chamber Chorale sang a great piece by John Rutter, a composer I am fond of. The Whatcom Chorale sang a new piece by a local composer Scott Henderson. His piece, “The Feast of Lights,” is based on Emma Lazarus’ 1882 poem retelling the Hanukkah story, and was composed for the Whatcom Symphony and the Whatcom Chorale. I really loved that piece. The orchestra also played the accompaniment to a movie called "The Snowman." There were lots of kids there, and many were dressed in their pajamas. It was heart warming to be there.

Helena and Arvin and I went out to dinner afterwards right down the street. That improved my mood immensely.

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