The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Raindrops on Leaves

Took this this morning in my garden. I liked how the drops were in rows on the backs of those leaves.

Yesterday and today were busy days. Yesterday I went out for brunch with Helena. That was lovely. Then we walked around Fairhaven and did some shopping. I took her home and headed there myself, first stopping at my studio to prepare some small paintings for hanging today.

Fast forward to today and that is how my day started, hanging paintings at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship. They have a nice entry area with three alcoves for paintings. Mine fit well in the environment. Made me happy to put them there.

Then I took the ones I didn't use back to my studio where I met my friend Erin. We chatted while I worked and then I headed home and she began to paint. I am happy that she is one of the painters sharing the studio where my work is now.

When I got home I decided to put up some Christmas decorations. I put lights on one of the hedges outside my door and hung ornaments on chains in a couple of the windows. I hadn't thought I'd decorate this year but the spirit moved me and I decided, Yes, I'll do it. The decorations will stay until after the birthday party I'm throwing myself on January 14th.

On January 17th I'll be 75! Yikes! I still can't quite fathom how I got that old but it does beat the alternative. I decided to have a big celebration on Sunday the 14th. I picked Sunday because there is nowhere to park here and across the street is a medical center with lots of parking on Sundays.

Anyhow I'm having a pot luck party on January 14th starting at 3 o'clock. Any of you blippers that could come up to visit, come on up. I'd love to see you and to party together. So save the date if you are near enough to visit. My son and his lady are coming from New York. My daughter is coming up from California. And good friends are coming up from Seattle. So... come on up. 

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