Little Ones

Archie reached new lows this morning, starting his barking at 3am. Grrrrrrrr!!!!
Try as I might I couldn't get back to sleep and lay in bed thinking bitter thoughts and wondering how to explain to the children that Archie has been kidnapped in the night and won't be back........
There was one bright spot in my crossness! The stars look amazing outside our bedroom window and I love falling asleep looking at them. As I lay there fuming and listening to Archie's barking at 3.30am this morning I saw two shooting stars.
Guess what I wished? 
That Archie would shut the **** up and go to sleep!!!
So I'd been awake for five and a half hours when Mr K took the Little Misses off to school and I headed down to spend the day with Mrs S. 
It was lovely to see her as ever!
Lots of chatting, tea drinking and lunch eating. Perfect!!
Rather than rushing back I called the Little Misses' schools to put them into after school clubs and went with Mrs S to pick up Mr M from school. That gave me the chance to see Mr M for a bit and drink a bit more tea!
I eventually dragged myself away at 4pm which gave me two hours to get back. No need to rush as it should only take about an hour and a quarter.
Naturally as soon as I turned onto the M1 from the M25 the traffic was stationary and my ETA went from 5.30pm to 6.20pm. Arse!
Mr K had lunch and a job interview in Oxford today and as it was a bit too long to leave Archie on his own he dropped him off at my mum and dad's in Bicester on his way through.
By the time I got stuck in traffic Mr K was back at my mum and dad's picking up Archie and having a cup of tea. Archie had a fabulous time apparently, wrestling with Elsie for hours.
Mr K said he'd go and get the Little Misses so I could relax and concentrate on watching all the stationary tail lights stretching out for miles ahead of me!!
He also said he's starting his new job next Tuesday which is fantastic. I was beginning to think we'd be out on the streets before Christmas!
In the end Mr K was held up too so he went to Miss L's school to get her and, as I was passing at the same time, I went to Miss E's school to get her.
We all got home pretty much at the same time!
I was feeling a bit sleepy by now!!
Miss E's name was drawn out of the hat first in her class to bring the crib home for the evening. We needed to take a photo to send to her teacher and sweetly Miss E wanted Miss L and Archie in it.
Mr K and I decided to let Archie sleep in our room tonight rather than put up with his early morning barking. I know, I know you're supposed to just ignore it but we've been ignoring it for nearly a month and I'm too tired!
And we've always planned to let him have the run of the house once he's house trained and sleep where he likes. 
I brought his bed upstairs with me when I came up and Mr K brought him up shortly afterwards. He was giddy to be upstairs - that mysterious place we all disappear off to!
Mr K surprised me by letting him on the bed and Archie - who didn't need telling twice! - curled up in a tiny ball between us and went straight to sleep.
We'll see what time he wakes up.
And whether there are any nasty little surprises.......

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