Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

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We arrived home last night at 11 - tired, but very happy to be greeted by our two cats and tumble into our own bed.  It is always nice to sleep in one's own bed, but even more so after such a stressful and emotional week.  The cats, predictably, were very happy to see us and wasted no time in curling up in the bed with us.

Lots of errands this morning including a stop for some groceries, then outside for a short round of nature-therapy before heading out to a doctor's appointment with Hubs.  Suddenly, it's almost 4 pm and the light is gone, so I just decided to go with this shot of a male Downy Woodpecker, with his little red crest raised.  Cute, right?

Looks like rain headed our way, with possibly some light snow overnight.  Tomorrow promises to be gloomy, but that probably won't stop me getting out for a bit.  Feel a huge need to get back to something that resembles "normal". 

Thanks to everyone who's stopped by during this last week and left heartfelt comments - I'm so grateful.


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