Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Some say...

...that when you see a northern cardinal, you are being visited by the spirit of someone you've lost.  I've been unable to trace how this belief got started - I thought it might have come down through our Native American culture, but it doesn't seem to have done that, other than in the broadest sense that we have "spirit animals".  Still, when I saw two brightly colored male cardinals in the company of a female in the cherry tree this morning, I wondered if maybe it was Philip and my friend Lynn, come to check in on us.  Maybe...

We had a light snow overnight, followed by rain, so the day started very gloomy.  By noon the sun was out, but by that time I'd also realized that I've somehow managed to catch a cold.  So, I'm spending the day curled up in a comfy chair near the fire, reading and snoozing. I canceled my appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon, since I didn't think either of us was going to be happy about having me coughing and blowing my nose.  

I took this shot through the kitchen window - so it's been "softened" by the double-pane glass which is in need of a good cleaning.  Hey, it's good enough for today.  You can get away with a few photographic sins when the subject is a bright red bird.  


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