Widwed - Festive Preparations - TARDIS-like!

Thanks as always to Bobsblips for hosting Widwed. I suspect I may be stretching the theme of "festive" a little far with this blip, but it does shows us preparing the beds for the arrival of our offspring for the festive season. And Dr Who is always on the tv on Christmas Day. (You can probably guess that I only realised there was a suggested theme after preparing the picture!)

I'm actually also continuing the space theme from my blip yesterday, as my contribution this week shows a “TARDIS” type of mattress container.
We’re updating our guest beds now that all three of our lads are grown up and have significant others, so we’re gradually discarding some single beds and replacing them with double or kingsize guest beds. As son #1 is over 6 feet tall we opted for a kingsize for him and his (tall) wife. The first challenge was finding pine bedsteads with rounded corners rather than nasty sharp corners (I hate sharp-cornered furniture having seen a few severely damaged eyes in my career from folks falling against sharp corners) – no local shops had anything suitable so we had to resort to the web.
Then we needed a new mattress so we visited the local IKEA*. They sell mattresses which are very tightly wrapped so that you can take them home in your car. It’s amazing how small a big mattress can be made – hence the Tardis analogy, as the wrapper must be bigger on the inside than the outside!
It was fun opening the wrapper – we stood back carefully as (as expected) the mattress almost exploded out of it, as you can see in this “before & after” blip.
(*Other mattress sellers are available.)

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