The Sun Came Out

Last night I got our son's dog delivered safely to her sitter in Doncaster - three and a half hours in total it took me - glad I had prepped tea earlier so I could just heat it up when I got back in.

Another early blip today - taken in the old A1 layby north of Bramham (now a bridleway / cycle path). The rain stopped around 10 a.m. so I dragged the dogs out for a walk (our two canine guests aren't so keen as they don't normally walk as far as we do).

Anyway, the sun came out briefly and I just loved this scene of varied colours and textures, including the algae on the fence, all glowing in the sun.

I also noticed that the first snowdrop shoots are appearing through the leaf litter on one of the embankments along here.

Home around 11:30 - and the rain started shortly afterwards - result.

I am being festively tortured taken into Leeds this evening  - Mrs madwill has a ticket to some do at the new John Lewis store. I won't even be able to partake of the free glass of fizz as I shall be driving :-(

If my blips suddenly stop then you will know I didn't make it through...

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