First trip out

We had our first trip out today - to the Bridge Inn in Ratho. This afforded me the luxury of getting a non-home blip. Great. It was lovely, but of course tiring. In the time it took me to eat half of the mini portion of fish and chips, Mr A devoured a portion of roe deer with lots of trimmings and mashed potatoes, plus most of our shared portion of the excellent Bridge Inn onion rings. Slowly, slowly, my interest in food is returning.

We got back and I collapsed in the chair for 90 mins, before recovering enough to enjoy a short visit from RW in the evening, who brought magenta lilies that will feature tomorrow.

Just eating, drinking**, sleeping and taking enough drugs to deal with the various issues seems to fill my day, allowing little enough time for reading, and even less time to take more than a desultory interest in the proceedings in the Supreme Court which would normally fascinate me.

** I feel like I could murder a gin, but alcohol, along with the operation of machinery, is another area of drug contraindication.

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