Pre-Mono Monday: FOUND

Next week's Mono Monday theme is FOUND inspired by this event in history in 1913 when the Mono Lisa was found two year's after being stolen. Appropriate then that I finally found the Christmas cards brought in the January sale.

Don't forget to tag your entries with Mono Monday 151 and mm151.

This week we had almost 40 entries to the Mono Monday theme of LOST. Thank you to all that took part. I was impressed by the creativity and effort from all entries and deciding on hearts and stars was tough.


Chrisphoto for a poetic depiction of the theme

Marlieske for pulling on the heart strings

Winchwench for humour value

JDO for sheer beauty

Inverculain - great historical link on prohibition


tlde for creative effort

sandyshore for quirkiness

LaLa for a unique approach

FrankS for another historical date of note

stujphoto for a traditional scene on the theme

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