Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Happy Day!

This blip is especially for 13South and my sister SweetArt! :)

I didn't get to bed till 2am this morning, because I was getting some remote assistance fixing a problem on my old (this one) laptop! Amazingly, my eyes were open around 6 and I didn't feel I needed to turn over and go back to sleep!

Today, G & I went to the Salvation Army's Christmas service. A really fun, and very educational time for me as I learnt a lot more about what it is to be part of the SA. We even had two junior soldiers sign up! So many incredible things to remember the day by so I have done a collage.

The Norwegian Seamen's Mission have a cook who prepares a three course dinner on a regular basis, and today we got to try it. She makes delicious, pretty simple food. One thing she made was a potato dish which I think is fairly common. My mum used to make it - not many ingredients, and REALLY simple; I thanked her for the wonderful job she'd done in catering for us, and she actually allowed me to come with the leftovers of the potato dish!

We were supposed to do a visa run today but it has been postponed. That's mainly because we didn't finish with the SA service till gone 5, and we were already scheduled to meet an old Dubai friend who is now settled in Toronto. She is passing through on her way to Sri Lanka. Impressed that she came off a 14 hour flight to have dinner with us Great catch-up time and excelled chat. :D  We finished quite late though so off to bed asap.

Thank you for all my buddies who have been looking in and awarding stars and hearts even! :D

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