Late last evening I decided I needed to buy a new fridge freezer - before Christmas.  One of the door shelves in my present fridge/freezer has broken so there is nowhere to store large bottles and there is also water which drips down into the bottom freezer drawer and which then freezes into a large solid block.  So its got to go. I have had it since 2005 so its really past its best.

I spent rather too long researching models online until I narrowed it down to one I liked which had the specifications I wanted.  Then I researched prices to get a good deal.  I went with Currys/PC World in the end as for an extra £20 they will take my old fridge/freezer away.  The new one is due to be delivered on Wednesday. 

So in the end I finally went to bed around 4am.  I managed to have a lie in till 11.30am so I haven't felt tired today. 

I went to the football match this afternoon.  Newcastle were at home to Birmingham.  Newcastle played some good football and were the dominant team throughout. Birmingham really weren't in the game much at all.  Final score was Newcastle 4 Birmingham 0

On my way to the match I passed through the Christmas Market so I took a few shots to make a collage.  There was an excellent selection of food stalls - cakes, muffins, meringues,sweets, fudge, pies, Dutch Pancakes,Paella, noodles, sausages, cheese...... and much much more.  There were also stalls selling jewellery, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees,Russian Dolls and  Knitted Hats

Steps today - 9,011

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