Evening Walk

Miss E went on a school trip to the theatre in Northampton today to watch Peter and the Starcatcher. 
I collected Miss L from school at 4pm and then before heading to Miss E's school to collect her at 5.15pm we took Archie for a quick walk. He's a bit invisible in the dark!!!
I had one of those dreaded parent moments imagining the worst when Miss E's coach was almost an hour late getting back to school.  
For half an hour I was just irritated - I'd left the oven on thinking I'd be back in fifteen minutes. 
Then - bam -  I had the what if  thought. 
What if they'd been in a crash? 
And then of course I couldn't think about anything else. Miss L was climbing around the car like a loon and I was Googling road accidents in Northamptonshire trying - and failing - not to panic.
And then out of the blue, really unhelpfully, Miss L stopped swinging on the back of my seat and said "What if they've been in a crash?"
Oh my God!!!
And all I could think of was the oven being on and Archie being alone. And a mangled coach......
After an hour the coach appeared and I almost cried with relief.
Then I realised they couldn't have all fitted on one coach so where was the other one? 
I was trying not to imagine how horrific it would be to have felt that relief and then find out that the worst had in fact happened and the relief had been the last positive thought I'd have.
Of course the second coach turned up and Miss E emerged. My beautiful girl!! Chatting the whole way home about the play in minute detail. She loved it!
And the house hadn't burnt down. Woohoo!!!

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