Jumping Jay - Oil Painting - 12 by 12 inches

I finished the jay painting today in open studio. There were only four of us painting along with Trish who was also working on paintings for a show coming up early next year. Of course she also moved around the room giving everybody good advice. When I went in I felt the painting was flat and dull. It needed a "wow factor." With good ideas from Trish and the other students I feel much happier with the painting now. It is going to be part of a show at the Colophon Cafe in January. Here is what it looked like last time I worked on it.

On may way out from the studio I noticed beautiful light in the clouds over the Georgia Pacific site so I took a couple of photos. One of them is in the extras.

Helena came for dinner and she, Arvin and I watched several episodes of one of my favorite shows called "Mozart in the Jungle." It is by Amazon and since I have Prime and an Amazon fire device, we can stream and watch the show. I am glad about that. After we took Helena home, Arvin and I watched a movie as well. Nice quiet way to spend an evening.

Oh and I got some good news today. Arvin starts his day program at Silverado on Monday. Finally!

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