There's a house near me which boasts the biggest, brashest, tackiest, most well-known, visited-from-far-and-wide Christmas lights display.

This isn't it.

I went up the road for a look at the one early in the month, but there were so many cars around belonging to the crowds who'd come specially to bring their children to see the show that it was barely possible to see the house at all, let alone get a clear photo of the light installation. I kept on intending to go back at a quieter time but still haven't got round to it, even as I back-blip this on Christmas Eve. We'll see if I manage to get a shot of it. It puts this attempt in the halfpenny place -- with a vengeance.

At this stage I can't even remember where I saw this one, though it was probably also close to home, possibly on one of my routes home from the local shops.

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